Dealing with Your Car Mechanic

Your relationship with your car mechanic is very important. This professional is like a doctor for your vehicle, giving it check-ups, caring for it when it is not well and making sure that it functions as well as possible. This is why it is so important to build a good relationship with your car mechanic.

Sometimes professional car mechanics will take advantage of the fact that you don’t know much about cars by overcharging you for repairs or over-exaggerating what is wrong with your vehicle. You don’t want to work with a mechanic who will do this; you want someone who will be honest and fair when caring for your car.

Before choosing a mechanic, get a second, third or even fourth opinion from other mechanics in the area, which you can find with a quick comparison site like Don’t tell each other what the other has diagnosed and quoted, so that you can see if they all come to the same conclusion. It is also a good idea to do your own research when you are bringing your car in to the mechanic. Google the symptoms and see what information you can find online, or ask in a car expert forum. You might not be able to pinpoint the problem exactly, but you will have a much better idea of what to expect from the mechanic when you take the car into the shop.

Also, you can read online reviews of the different mechanics in your area so that you can find out what type of customer service experience other customers have had in the past.

Tips for Working With Mechanics

In order to make sure that you get the best possible outcome when dealing with a mechanic, here are some important tips you can keep in mind:

  • Go to your car mechanic as soon as you are aware that there is a problem. If you leave the issue for too long, the problem will get worse, which will end up costing you more money.
  • Use a comparison website so that you can compare the different prices for cars and find the best deal in your area.
  • Get a clear quote of how much the repair will cost in writing before you leave the vehicle. It’s sometimes hard to estimate parts and labour costs, but a mechanic should be able to give you a general estimate so that you have an idea.
  • Make sure that you write down some notes about what is going wrong with your car, including any leaks, smells, strange sounds, and other information. Also include when these sounds occur and how often they occur.
  • Be realistic about the price. Although you are looking for a good deal, a mechanic who is too cheap will do a poor job on your vehicle with inferior parts. Instead, be willing to pay a reasonable rate for the parts and the service.
  • Tidy up your car before you bring it in for service. Not only is it rude to drop off a cluttered and dirty vehicle, but some people have even been known to fail their MOT because of it. It can also make it more difficult for the mechanics to do their job. They might need to remove the rubbbish in the back seat or the boot in order to perform a repair.
  • Don’t hover around while they work. Car mechanics hate it when their customers hang around while they are working, as it can be distracting and sometimes even dangerous. Take the time to explain the problem when you drop off the car, then let the mechanic do their thing.
  • However, you can feel free to ask your mechanic questions about anything that you don’t understand or are not sure about. They can be very helpful when it comes to clearing up a problem you may have.
  • Stay in contact. Leave your phone number with the mechanic so that they can reach you quickly. For example, if they need to call you to approve something and they can’t reach you, the vehicle will sit there unattended for a long time.
  • Show your mechanic appreciation when they do a good job or offer you the best MOT and service deals. Like anyone else in the world, your mechanic will enjoy it when you thank them for a job well done, especially if you give them a little extra gift or a tip. Remember them on Christmas and other holidays with a nice card and a package of sweets. These special touches will help to form a friendly relationship with your mechanic that will last for many years.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind whenever you are dealing with your car mechanic.

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