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How Many Types Of Car Service Can You Avail? How Can You Take Care Of Your Car All By Yourself?

Car servicing is necessary for your car because it is like the doctor of your car who identifies the problem and solves the matter regarding your car’s spare parts. If you have a plan for a long drive then you must avail the car service before leaving because it can suffer from sudden break downs, and you will not get any mechanics suddenly. Apart from that, some spare parts of your car like engine, brakes, tires, clutch, cooling system and carbonator need to be checked regularly because they can increase your fuel consumption and damage you car permanently.

Frequent car accidents can happen due to lack of servicing and if you need to avoid these diverse circumstances, then you must go for the regular car services. Car servicing can be done at service centers or at some good garages. It is ideal to leave the maintenance of the car to experts instead of doing it yourself.

How many Types of Car Services are available in the market?  
  • Engine Oil Change 

The first kind of service that a car requires at regular interval is the change of engine oil. Generally an engine oil change must be done after every ten thousand miles. It should be taken care that the engine oil used in the car is that of the grade which is mentioned in car’s manual. This includes checking the brake fluid level, power steering fluid; anti-freeze coolant and windscreen wash fluids. Battery, exhaust, windscreen wipers, tyres and lights are also checked by the car service centre. With the use of synthetic oil in mineral oil, the frequency of the checks has reduced today.

  • Interim Services

In this type of servicing, the service centres provide all the maintenance work done in oil change like fluid checks, battery, tyres, light and other checks. Along with the oil change services, here some other additional services are given. Full inspection of the brakes, suspension systems, steering system and shock absorbers are done by the technicians at the service centres. Some service centres can also perform a test to check the car emission called the green test. Here fuel treatment, carbon offset checks, brake efficiency and other emission checks are done.

  • Full Service

In such type of service all the above mentioned maintenance work are done along with some additional work. The service centre perform wheel test that includes alignment test and bearing check and air filter between the wheels are balanced. Brake fluid as well as belt is looked along with the replacement of spark plugs in petrol running cars and fuel filter replacement in diesel cars.

Car Care by Yourself 
  • Car servicing is essential for all kinds of cars, whether new or old. The regular servicing of vehicles by expert technicians can make your car run smoothly for a long period of time, but you can also follow these basic steps to maintain your car. The car comes with maintenance schedule. It is advisable to follow the maintenance plan as a preventative.
  • If there is any fault or problem in your car, don’t neglect the issue. It is wise thing to get the car inspected as soon any problem is detected.
  • Any problem should be solved immediately to avoid any future break down of car. Any replacement if required must be done or else any bigger fault can occur.

When you opt for the car service you need to check their certification and authentication. Apart from that, the additional insurance coverage is required during the servicing and you need to consult with the car service station regarding these things previously. In such regards you can visit the different online portals of car services and choose the best one according to your requirement.

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