car mechanic

Maintaining your automobile to last longer and retain its value is something that is totally up to the owner, unlike other aspects like fuel costs and repairs. It is essential to regularly check your vehicle for maintenance and upkeep in order to enjoy a smooth ride and keep your car running for long time.

Here are 10 tips to help you make your car run smoother and last longer.

Regular Oil and Air Filter checks

It is every driver’s common knowledge that the car’s oil and air filter should be checked for replacement regularly. It is a basic maintenance check that is vital to keeping your vehicle’s engine running smoothly and functioning at optimum levels.

Check Tires for optimal Inflation Pressure

Check your tires for pressure and ensure that the inflation pressure is optimum. This will make the tires run for long time and increase their life. Do not neglect this maintenance check, as it is important for your vehicle’s smooth drive. Making sure that your tires are kept at the correct pressure will help you with efficient fuel consumption as well.

Routine Automobile Checkups and Maintenance

The most effective way to keep your car in brilliant condition is to take it to an automobile mechanic for routine check-up and maintenance on a regular basis. Stick to that mechanic and get your vehicle inspected and serviced from that same mechanic every time.

It is important to make sure routine maintenance tasks like engine lubrication, oil filter checks and hoses inspections, amongst other tasks, are performed regularly for your car. Most car manuals specify the maintenance routine or schedule for your vehicle but going to the same mechanic will ensure that additional maintenance tasks not covered by the manual are performed and that you stick to the schedule.

Inspect your Vehicle Personally

It is alright to take your vehicle to a car repair shop for routine maintenance but it is also recommended that you personally inspect your car to check for any irregularities. Open the hood and check for filter levels, loose wires and hoses. Inspect your vehicle’s tires, headlights, etc. regularly.

Stick to a Schedule

Having a schedule for your automobile maintenance checkups is essential and you should make an effort to adhere to that schedule so that your automobile stays in perfect shape and functions at optimum levels.

Automobile’s Cooling System Maintenance

You need to check your vehicle’s cooling system to make sure that the coolant levels are optimal. This check is important because a problem with the vehicle’s cooling system can negatively affect the engine and reduce its life.

Drive Carefully and Wisely

Along with vehicle inspection and routine maintenance checks, it is recommended that you drive safely and smartly to improve overall engine functionality and fuel consumption. How you drive will affect your vehicle’s running and the functionality and life of its integral parts like engine, brakes and exterior.

Check Gauges for Monitoring Mechanical Issues

Do check your car’s gauges to keep a check on oil and pressure levels, as well as coolants and fuel. The gauges can indicate if there are any irregularities or problems and it is important to keep monitoring the gauges so you can resolve any mechanical problems in time. Keeping the fuel and oil levels proper will help you with your car’s maintenance and upkeep.

Regular Car washing and cleaning

You need to take care of your car’s exterior and interior cleanliness. Regularly clean your car’s exterior, including tires and lights and its interior to keep it in good condition. This will help in retaining your car’s resale value as well as enhancing its visual appeal. Polish and wash your car on a regular basis personally and take it to a carwash outlet regularly for thorough cleanup.

Careful Car Parking

Be careful while parking your car and try to protect it from the sun and extreme heat. It is recommended that you park your car inside garages and shady areas. Also, try to cover your car by using a vehicle cover to keep away dust and other particles that could harm your vehicle.