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Know details about Katan sarees


India has plenty of occasions and festivals throughout the year. There can be festivals, wedding occasions, parties and many more and so women can always get a chance to celebrate the sarees they own.

When it comes to looking gorgeous, the silk is the fabric that most women go for. This is because, it is indeed a luxurious fabric and one can showcase ethereal beauty with it. Though India has a diversified culture, silk sarees are loved by all and they are quite effortless to drape.

When it comes to pure Katan silk sarees, it can enhance the charm of any woman at any corner of the world. They are richly designed and if one is wearing them for any occasion, then they must pair them up with heavy jewelleries.

Reasons to love katan silk sarees

The major reason to love is that, they are woven with pure silk threads. Katan features twisting of 2 threads and the warp being dominating weave. The magical twists which are done by the authentic artisans can make it a classic handloom saree. As they are pure silk sarees, the fabric is another reason to choose it. they are not only crispy but the lustrous texture of the fabric can make it lightweight and soft. Wearing them means one can get supreme comfort.

Silk as a fabric has been reigning in the fashion industry for decades. This glistening fabric has its roots of origin in Persia. When the Mughal Empire was on the rise, the silk entered this country. During ancient times, the women of royal families used to wear silk drapes. When first sarees were started to be woven the paisley motifs were engraved on red and white silk fabric.

How is Katan silk prepared?

The preparation of these silk needs meticulous steps which ensures high quality of silk sarees. As the primary step, the silk yarns are prepared by undergoing the process of steaming and other chemical treatments. The process of softening the threads can enhance its malleability. Then they are spun in the spinning wheel and threads become processed to be ready for the loom.

The Katan silk sarees feature the weaving by twisting 2 yarns and in case of other silk fabrics; they require multiple fabrics to wind up together. Also, the warp and the weft of the fabric are dyed with some high quality natural pigments. That makes the saree gorgeous.

One can check pure Katan saree collection at both online and offline stores. At popular stores one can get wide range of silk sarees to choose from. One needs to remember that katan sarees are woven out of pure silk and they have intricate patterns and designs done on some amusing colours. One can get variety of designs and colours when it comes to these sarees. If one wants to wear them for official purposes they can pick something on lighter notes with paisley patterns done on it. But in case of weddings and festivities, they must go for the heavier ones.


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