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How Industries are Changing the World Using IoT

The use of the internet across different industries and spaces has increased efficiency and scalability. For instance, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most significant technologies rapidly transforming the world. Let’s look at some ways IoT is changing the world.

  • Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry widely uses IoT. Let’s look at a few ways how they are utilizing IoT devices:

Simultaneous Monitoring and Reporting:

IoT service providers develop sensors for patients that enable real-time monitoring of health conditions. These intelligent medical devices are connected to smartphone applications that send health data to nurses and doctors. In addition, sensors inside the body can record glucose levels, cardiovascular activity, and electrodermal activity.

Patient Tracking:

Remote patient monitoring sends reports about patient activity. In an emergency, these smart devices can pinpoint the patient’s exact location, allowing for a prompt response. Sensors can also update a patient’s medication history to suggest prescriptions.

Electronic healthcare records (HER)

Digitizing patient records allow doctors to access patients’ medical history from different departments. In addition,IoT service providers develop wearable tracking gears that can update medical history in real-time.

  • Manufacturing industry

IoT is transforming global industries by streamlining operations and logistics for timely delivery. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enhances automation of production lines, scaling of operations, and implement cost-effective production methods.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution since steam engines and makes manufacturing equipment smart or digital. 

Smart Products

Smart products are connected to a central internet system where they can update real-time usage information and diagnostics. These products also share their location for tracking and geo-referencing physical entities with custom software development companiesIn addition, smart home products with AI can interact with homeowners and execute commands on devices connected to the internet.

Smart factories

Smart/intelligent factories have drastically shortened manufacturing cycles, delivering products rapidly to the market.

  • Travel Industry

The biggest IoT development in the travel industry is autonomous vehicles. These vehicles have numerous sensors for communicating to improve traffic and safety. IoT is also being used in public transport to automate check-ins.

Smart vehicles can also identify their occupants and provide for their needs. Alternatively, these vehicles can also detect any mechanical breakdowns before they become hazardous.

Smart Homes

Homeowners can now automate and control home devices using the Internet of Things through a custom software development company. For example, IoT can adjust room temperature, lighting, and air conditioning. Some IoT systems also manage energy use to prevent wastage when people are not around

  • Utility Industry

Water Conservation

IoT has been great for conserving water by tracking water inflows and outflows. In addition, utility companies install sensors in ponds and reservoirs to track water capacity.

Electricity/Gas Management

Using IoT in gas and electricity management systems helps minimize waste and manage costs. Mobile RTLS systems track such assets in real time for forecasting purposes.

Today’s society can have so much to gain from IoT. However, even though people tend to look on the brighter side, there are safety and security concerns. Data sharing through these systems expose people to hackers who steal personal details. This means that companies should work with reputed IoT service providers to strengthen security measures while upholding a streamlined user experience. 


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