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Everything You Should Know about Baby Massage

There is no set of rules or guidelines on how to give massages to your baby. It’s a usual opinion that parents should let their infants complete at least one month of their life before giving them a massage. This is because a newborn baby’s skin is very delicate in the first few days after the birth, and it may take fifteen days for it to become water-resistant.

Massaging your baby does not serve the purpose unless you choose the right and safe massage oil. You can use organic cold-pressed natural almond oil that ensures the best results.  

When to Start Massaging your Baby

If you simply plan to take your baby to group massage sessions, it is suggested to wait for at least six weeks since babies may find crowded environments quite stressful.

Moreover, after 15 days of birth, babies usually shed their umbilical cord stub. It could be an infection hazard if any massage oil gets trapped in their skin until then.

One month is a perfect age to start giving your child oil massages since the skin in the navel area is less sensitive, the skin barrier is more robust, and the baby becomes more responsive to the overall touch.

Health Benefits of Massaging Baby with a Natural Almond Oil

Here are some of the reasons to massage your baby with organic cold-pressed almond oil. 

Relieves Stress & Relaxes Muscles

The right type of massage reduces stress from babies by stimulating the release of oxytocin and drops the degrees of cortisol, a stress hormone. It relaxes the overall muscles and stimulates their growth, which works particularly well with colic babies.

Stimulates Nervous System

Massage is beneficial to the baby’s nervous system and develops the baby’s motor skills. So when you give a massage to your baby, it stimulates his or her nervous system. However, you need to be careful that your touch is gentle and soft for your baby. 

Improves Baby’s Sleep Quality

From quicker muscle gain to enhanced immune response, massage promotes sound sleep. Infants who are massaged before bedtime produce more melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone. Of course, once you massage your baby correctly and with the right oil like almond oil, you help your little munchkin get a night of quality sleep.

Improve the quality of life for babies with disabilities 

Massage is a way to soothe babies having Down Syndrome or even cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects the movement or ability to balance body posture. Premature babies show a better level of motor development when massaged regularly. Infants gain weight faster than premature babies who don’t get regular massages.  


Massaging can never harm your baby’s skin if done correctly. It has a lot of health benefits and helps the overall growth & development of the baby. Ensure that you use pure badam oil for face and body for a baby massage every day. 

You can use Little Rituals’ high-quality, cold-pressed almond oil to provide the maximum benefits of massage to your baby.

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