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Which SpongeBob hoodies are best?

SpongeBob Square pants is a beloved cartoon character from the Nickelodeon show that bears his name. He lives in the underwater town of Bikini Bottom with his pals where he works as a fry cook and goes on quirky adventures with other talking sea creatures. The show is so popular that it’s now the fifth-longest running animated show in American TV history. There have since been several movies, Essentials hoodie games and tons of merchandise for fans to collect.

The best SpongeBob hoodie is the Best Buds Hoodie which shows SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Squid ward and Gary the snail all together in a single Polaroid-style photo with the hashtag Best Buds.

What to know before you buy a SpongeBob hoodie

The fact that king von outfits sea sponge isn’t the only thing that his fans like about him, but it does add to his adorable personality. SpongeBob is delightful in many ways. He’s extremely lovable, outgoing, friendly and kind. On top of these personality traits, he’s also quite goofy and loves a good laugh. Even though he’s known to be clumsy, he’s actually an excellent fry cook at Kristy Krebs. In most SpongeBob hoodies, you’ll find him smiling and having fun at work or hanging with his pals.

The group that surrounds SpongeBob is equally as endearing and entertaining as he is. His best friend is Patrick Star who is a giant pink starfish. He’s not only SpongeBob’s best friend, but his neighbor as well, although he lives in a hollowed-out pineapple and Patrick lives under a rock. SpongeBob has a pet named Gary who’s a slow-moving and basically oblivious snail. His boss at Crusty Crab is a crab named Mr. Krebs. They’re often visited by SpongeBob’s other neighbor, Squid ward for a nice Crabby Patty meal.

Merchandise Size variations

SpongeBob has not only found success on the front of hoodies and other apparel, but he can be found on all sorts of merchandise. In fact, fans have spent billions of dollars on SpongeBob merchandise since the show started in 1999. Given the popularity of the show, many brands have partnered with SpongeBob to create unique items with the sponge’s beloved face. This includes a SpongeBob Monopoly and Yahtzee game, McDonald’s Happy Meals and even a SpongeBob Toyota Highlander. For more great SpongeBob merchandise, check out our guide on the best SpongeBob toys.

What to look for in a quality SpongeBob hoodie

You may think that most SpongeBob hoodies only come in child’s sizes. But, SpongeBob has fans of all ages and the merchandise reflects his wide demographic. If your whole family is a fan of the show, you can purchase hoodies for each size. Plus, most hoodies are unisex, so you don’t have to worry about them fitting poorly. Adult SpongeBob hoodies range from small to XL, while youth hoodies go from 7-20. There are even toddler sizes that start at 4 and go up to 6.


Nickelodeon owns all the rights to  and his underwater friends. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best hoodie available, it’s best to stick with officially licensed Nickelodeon hoodies. You can go straight to the source by shopping through the Nickelodeon website or their official Amazon store. These hoodies will always be of a better quality than unofficial merchandise. Nickelodeon SpongeBob apparel is made with polyester and cotton blends and features graphics pulled straight from the show.

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