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In recent years, silk has witnessed a resurgence in popularity due to its magical benefits. Apart from being luxurious, silk takes care of your health while you enjoy the luxe comfort. 

Pure Mulberry silk bedding requires skills and art to make it plush and gleaming for ultimate comfort. When it comes to your calm and comforting nights, silk is the perfect fabric that could give you a dreamy sleep experience. 

Investing in silk bedding is a wise choice for the long term. It is naturally hypoallergenic and thermoregulating, favouring your skin and hair health. 

If you sleep on silk bedding and are unaware of what may ruin your silk bed sheets, read on.  

Unfavourable Things for Your Silk Bedding

Silk bedding gives you cosy comfort for peaceful nights but do you treat your silk bedding the same way? Here are the things that may ruin your silk bedding: 


  • Sleeping with Makeup On 

When you sleep with your makeup on, it damages your skin and stains your pillowcases or bedsheets. Some products like body lotions or skin products can leave oil and bleach colours, respectively. 

Changing and washing your silk sheets regularly can help in retaining the colour.  

  • Overstuffing the Washer 

Stuffing the washer with too many silk sheet sets can build creases and tangle them. To take good care of it, place your flat, fitted, and other items loosely into the washer without crowding them. If the sheets are twisted tightly, it may cause tension in the fabric, damaging the threads. 

  • Long Exposure to Drying

Avoid drying your soft silk sheets in the tumble dry mode. Instead, line dry your silk bed sheets. And whilst drying do not wring and keep away from direct sunlight.  

  • Changing Sheets Frequently 

If you change your sheets frequently, you are more likely to wash them, reducing their life. Contrarily, if you layer your bed with silk sheets for an extended period, the dust and dirt may damage them. So, you should change your once every two weeks. 

  • Folding Sheets Improperly

If you ball up your sheets in your closet, you are ruining your silk bedding. By doing so, you may crush the silk fibres and get them to wrinkle. However, folding them in a good manner prevents wrinkles in your sheets. Also ensure the where you are storing your silk sheets does not have sharp objects. 

Mulberry Silk Bedding – Best silk sheets                                                        

Silk bedding is available in varying qualities, but Mulberry Silk bedding is the purest. With a myriad of options in the market for silk bedding, Mayfairsilk offers premium quality 22 momme silk bed sheets. They endeavour to provide you with the comfort, beauty, and benefits of silk bedding. They have been awarded ‘Innovation and Excellence Awards 2022 – Bedding Brand of the Year in the UK’.  They provide silk with a matte finish which is free from harmful chemicals and dyes and have a local presence in the UK, Qatar, UAE, India, Hong Kong and parts of the USA.

For comfortable and pure silk beddings, check their exclusive collection at:

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