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5 Best Practices for Arc Flash Switchgear Protection in Medium Voltage Equipment

Electricity is a dangerous thing. It can kill in an instant if the wrong safety measures are not taken. The Arc Flash Switchgear is the most popular solution for protecting against arc-flash hazards in medium voltage equipment. Arc Flash Switchgear offers a single point of protection and meets the standard for personal protective equipment require for work near high voltage sources.

Arc Flash Switchgear protects personnel from arc flash by blocking the high voltage electrical path between the load and ground. This prevents current flow through the body, resulting in no injuries or burns. These devices have been specifically designe to handle the power generate by electrical arcs that occur when a conductor ruptures. They are designe to contain the arc so it does not spread to other parts of the system or cause a fire. The design of the Arc Flash Switchgear is base on industry-standard to meet or exceed all applicable standards for safety, quality, and performance.

The Best practices for arc flash protection in medium voltage equipment is to use an arc flash switchgear.

Arc flash switchgear is typically install in the substation or at the top of a pole. It’s made up of a number of different components, including circuit breakers, disconnect switches, and fuses. These devices are designe to protect against arcing faults and provide a safe path for current to flow during normal operation.

The primary function of an arc flash switchgear is to interrupt power supply to a circuit when there is a fault condition such as an open phase or a short circuit. It does this by cutting off the power source from the load and diverting it through bypasses so that no damage occurs when there is an arc fault on the system.

In order to ensure the right arc flash switchgear is install for your application, it is important to understand how they work and how they differ from other types of protection devices.

Here are five best practices for selecting arc flash switchgear:

1) Choose the Correct Type of Arc Flash Switchgear for Your Application

2) Select the Proper Arc Flash Switchgear Rating

3) Update your electrical system regularly so that any problems with older wiring or components are resolve before they become major concerns.

4) Keep track of what types of equipment are install at your facility, including how many different types of devices there are so that you can determine what areas need additional protection. The more information you have on this front, the better equips you’ll be when making decisions about where to install additional protection devices like disconnect switches or circuit breakers with ground fault interrupters (GFI).

5) Use PLC automation software that includes arc flash detection and alarms. This will help you avoid problems before they occur and provide early warning about potential issues that could lead to an arc flash.

One way to provide arc flash protection is by installing a PLC automation system. A PLC automation system uses a combination of software and hardware to implement a variety of functions. It helps users track data, monitor alarms and control equipment remotely.

PLC automation provides several benefits:

Safety – Arc flash protection is necessary in any electrical environment where there’s potential risk associated with an electrical fault event like short circuit, overload or open circuit. A PLC automation system can help prevent injuries caused by these events by reducing the likelihood that they will occur in the first place, as well as limiting their severity if they do occur.

Reliability – Arc flash protection is only one component of an overall safety strategy for your facility’s electrical systems. A PLC automation system can help ensure that all aspects of your facility’s electrical systems are running efficiently and safely so that you can have confidence in your company’s productivity and profitability


To prevent arc flash from happening, you must have an arc flash protection system that is design to handle the voltage of your equipment and keep you safe from harm. The best way to do this is through PLC automation and arc flash switchgear protection systems that use solid state relays (SSRs).


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